The future of Therio Libris

I am planning to do a full re-edit of the four chapters I’ve written so far — which, for the time being, have been privated. The relaunched version of the story will come out in 2022, when hopefully, I will have more time to work on it. I am currently too occupied with activities that take a much higher priority.

As for what’s going on behind the scenes, I’m studying for a degree in Arts and Humanities. Most of my personal projects are relegated to my free time as a consequence. Thankfully, the holiday season is coming up, and I’ll be able to manage my time more efficiently without any need to worry about encroaching deadlines.

We’re very close to the end of 2021. I think it’s often surprising how quickly time can pass us by, even in a global pandemic. Putting Therio Libris out into the world has been something of a journey, from setting up my first proper website (ten-year old me would be jealous!) and connecting with other likeminded creatives on websites such as ToyHouse. It’s lovely to know how expansive online communities can be.

Speaking of communities, I’m going to integrate some social features onto this website as soon as I can. It gets a bit lonely on here sometimes!