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Before you may join you must agree to our rules. Read through the rules, then at the bottom either agree & proceed, or disagree.

Keep it PG-13.

This website is accessible by minors, so please refrain from posting anything NSFW. A list of what is not considered appropriate is shown below:
  • Sexual content, no matter if it's explicit or implicit.
    • This also includes fetish-related content.
  • Making sexual comments about fictional characters, regardless of whether they're from Therio Libris or not.
  • Making sexual comments about real people, including other users of this site.
  • Creation or endorsement of content that depicts underage characters or non-anthropomorphic (feral) animals in a sexualised manner. This will result in an instant ban without warning. 
  • Non-artistic depictions of nudity.
  • Detailed, excessive, or realistic depictions of violence.
  • Usage of slurs, regardless of context.

Be respectful to other users.

We expect everyone to maintain a basic level of decency while using this website.
  • Rude and hostile behaviour, no matter the reason, is not tolerated. 
  • Hate speech is not allowed in any way, shape, or form, even if it's a 'joke'. Attacking others because of their ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation, sexuality, gender identity, disability, or other such factors will result in an instant ban without warning
    • This includes expressing support for hate groups and hate symbols.
    • This includes intentionally deadnaming or misgendering others. 
  • Don't express support for harmful misinformation or conspiracy theories.
  • Don't attack others for their interests, even if said interests are often regarded as controversial or problematic. Keep in mind that just because someone is a fan of a certain piece of media, that doesn't automatically mean they aren't critical of it.
  • Please try to avoid discussing issues relating to politics or current world events. 

Only one account is allowed per person.

Creation of additional accounts is only permitted if you have lost access to your old one for reasons beyond your control, such as getting hacked or being unable to reset your password. Doing so for any other reason will result in both your current account and new account being banned. Examples of why this policy has been put in place are listed below:
  • Ban or block evasion 
  • Gaining an unfair advantage in the ARPG
  • Creation of sockpuppets
  • Impersonation of other users

Don't state personal/identifying information about yourself or others.  

We take the privacy of our users seriously. As such, posting any of the following is not allowed:
  • Passwords (for any site, not just Therio Libris)
  • Personal email addresses
  • Full names (first names are fine)
  • Photographs of faces (excluding those of celebrities and public figures)
  • Phone numbers
  • Home addresses
  • Exact dates of birth
  • Deadnames of transgender and nonbinary people
Therio Libris staff will never contact you asking for personal details. The only mainstream social media site I (Juniper) currently post on is Tumblr

Don't post or discuss AI-generated content. 

Many people have had their work used to train AI programs without their consent. Posting anything made using AI is not allowed in order to respect the rights of artists, writers, and other creatives. Additionally, debates regarding the nature and ethics of AI often become toxic, so we have decided to disallow any discussion of the topic.